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Miami Beach residents, you have a choice to either re-key or install new locks.

Rekeying a lock is simpler than it may seem, at least to seasoned locksmiths. Rekeying a lock generally involves modifying it so that it still secures and protects your property while being made to operate with a new key. Rekeying is less expensive than changing locks, although many homeowners are unaware of this fact. Rekeying locks is far superior to changing locks. By rekeying the lock, you can use a different key to open it while still maintaining the lock's essential components.

Understanding how pin-tumbler locks operate at a fundamental level is necessary to comprehend the process of rekeying locks. Guaranteed Locksmith's licensed locksmiths are well-equipped to assist homes with lock rekeying. One of the main causes for homeowners wishing to rekey locks is the desire to have a single key to open all of their locks, which is fairly frequent. We are here to make sure you are able to complete this. For locks to be rekeyed, our licensed locksmiths will need access to the key that currently opens the lock, the lock itself, and the new key that you want to use.

As was already mentioned, rekeying the lock doesn't actually take that long, especially if the locksmith is an expert who has done it before. The actual process that takes the longest is removing the lock from the door. Some lock rekeys can be completed more quickly than others because homeowner's locks come in a variety of styles. Deadbolt locks are far simpler to remove and reinstall, so homeowners that have them have an easier time of things. To remove the deadbolt, separate the two sides that meet in the door and unscrew the lock from the door. The bolt within the door must then be removed by first removing the screws keeping them in place. However, things get much trickier when it comes to doorknob locks. One of the explanations given for the recommendation that you leave these duties to professional locksmiths is the fact that they have a great deal of experience and all the tools required to get the job done.