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The process of putting a new lock to an existing door is known as lock installation, often known as fresh installation. To accomplish this, a hole is drilled into the door, and new locking hardware is added. A great way to improve the security of a home or company is to install more locks. The best course of action is almost certainly to add another lock if security is a concern. It's crucial to consider the door's composition while installing additional locks because it may affect the difficulty of the job. Residential burglaries are typically carried out using a smash-and-grab strategy, making locks close to glass particularly vulnerable. There is a security hole that needs to be fixed if a home burglar can shove his hand into a house and unlock it from the inside. Installing a double-sided deadbolt may be necessary if a thief is able to unlock a door by shattering glass close to the lock. A double sided deadbolt is a lock that needs a key to open from the inside as well as the outside. It is advised that most doors have both a doorknob that locks and a standard flip turn deadbolt depending on the circumstance because double-sided deadbolts can provide fire dangers.