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About Guaranteed Locksmith

Losing or misplacing your keys is a long and frustrating experience that seems to happen at the worst of times, often after a long day at work or when you are late for work. When this happens to you, you need a locksmith who can provide you with reliable, professional services to regain access without causing dama

Guaranteedlocksmith is a nationwide, 24/7 locksmith service provider with over a decade of combined experience in helping homeowners, business owners, and individuals when they are in the most need of professional locksmith services. With a 15-30-minute turnaround time and a comprehensive skill set to assist you and your needs, GuaranteedLockSmith can help you maintain your peace of mind.

Our team of professional locksmith experts has the experience to help you in any situation and find the locks you need. They understand the many intricacies of providing customer-driven services that exceed expectations and make you feel 100% satisfied.

Why Choose Guaranteedlocksmith?

Customer satisfaction has been the driving force behind our value-for-money locksmith services, and we work hard to accomplish it. We are dedicated to you and your safety – treating and assisting all our customers with the same respect and with the understanding that if customers are not satisfied, our ability to continue is at risk.

That’s why we work tirelessly, and with the utmost care, to ensure the quality of our work, our value to our customers, and the experience associated with our service. The satisfaction comes from an understanding of the quality of our work, the value we deliver, and the ability to maintain an approachable, friendly, and unparalleled residential, automotive, emergency, commercial, and mobile locksmith services.This attitude has driven us to be the best that we can be in every facet of our business. Furthermore, we even provide our clients with security assessments that put to rest the concern that anything is that less than ideal for their business or home is dealt with professionally and appropriately.

So, if you are in search of a reliable, 24X7 expert locksmith, consider GuaranteedLockSmith for all your home and business security needs.

On receiving your request for our locksmith services, you are guaranteed to receive:

  1. A Prompt and Professional Service from certified locksmith technicians,
  2. Through Inspection,
  3. 100% Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction,
  4. Unbeatable Pricing And
  5. Emergency Services You Can Rely Upon.

All our employed technicians boast years of experience and have a proven track record of being a professional, reliable, and committed to the way of business. Not only can they assist you in fixing or repairing all sorts of locks at your home or office, but can even install new locks from a number of different well-known manufactures upon your approval.

GuaranteedLockSmith being in the business for over a decade has built solid connections with many residential and commercial security product manufacturers and thus can provide our customers with a wide range of products to choose from at avery competitive price.

Professionals Who Care

As a customer-driven locksmith service provider, we employ only qualified technicians who have years of experience in the industry and a keen understanding of the various intricacies that go into ensuring unsurpassed and guaranteed customer satisfaction at all times.

Our team of experienced professionals, who have already worked on a number of residential and commercial properties, are capable of assisting you in all circumstances and are at your disposal to provide you with a reliable maintenance and security installation service.

Because we are a nationwide provider of locksmith services, our technicians are present everywhere but mainly concentrated in major cities with all the necessary tools and equipment needed to address any type of security problem for any of our customers. Our technicians also carry a wide variety of locks and replacement keys for various security system setups and can assist you with both installation and repair.

Regardless of the state you are living in; you can count on our range of professional Locksmith services for your residential and commercial properties. Should you need a reliable locksmith solution for your business, we are well versed in business security standards and can assist you in implementing a Master Key system to define custom access levels for all your employees, management, and security team.

Reliable Yet Affordable Services

We understand that every customer has unique needs and budget limitations, and thus we strive to provide services that are custom-tailored to their position while ensuring everything is secured and in accordance with our customer’s needs.

Despite being an affordable nationwide locksmith service provider, all our service offerings are of top quality and backed by our years of experience in helping hundreds of our clientele.

If you are still confused on need assistance immediately, please engage with our customer representative at [contact number] to get a prompt response to all your queries and discuss the pricing options are available.

Prompt Response

We understand that securing your residential or commercial property is not only necessary to protect your property, but also to protect your loved ones. As a reliable nationwide locksmith service provider, we strive to get our professionals on-site as quickly as possible to help you meet all your security needs and expectations. Our professionals are located in various locations throughout the cities and are trained to respond quickly and on time.

With GuaranteedLockSmith’s reliable locksmithing service, you can count on us to make your property secure and safe without breaking your bank.

Our Commitment to You

The Satisfaction Guarantee is a two-way street between your satisfaction with the services rendered and our commitment to your protection. At GuaranteedLockSmith, we are committed to your protection and committed to making sure you feel secure with our unbeatable locksmith services. All our services are backed with our years of industry experience, by top-notch, proven, top-of-the-line, manufacturer-recommended lock technologies, and our values of honesty, integrity, and care!

Contact our friendly staff for a quick free consultation, a free quote, or an estimate. One of our customer service representatives will contact you to discuss your needs, including your location, and ensure that you receive quality services as you’ve never experienced before.

Why Choose Us?

  • Open 24/7
  • 30 Minutes Arrival Time
  • Affordable Rates
  • Credit Cards Accepted
  • Certified Technicians
  • Licensed & Insured
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 12+ Years Of Experience

Our Prices

Home Lockout $30*
Car Lockout $25*
New Lock Installation $60*
Mobile Locksmith $30*
Car Key Replacement $60*
Lock Re-Key $25*
Car Key Extraction $40*
Master Key System $40
Mailbox Lockout $25*
Trunk Lockout $30*
Mailbox Change $90*
File cabinet Change/Lockout $60*
Safe Installation & Service $60*
Spare Key Duplication $60*
* $19 Service Call fee